Indoy is a website for your reference to find out what’s going around in India. We provide information about cultures such as Hinduism, Buddhism, and Sikhism. We also let you know how the festivals Diwali, Holi, and Navratri, came to be. If you live outside of India, be sure to check out Kalnirnay, a maharashtrian calendar. Are you going to India? Visit Plan a Trip to India to get ideas to go to India! You can also look at the page Taj Mahal and Gateway of India to get to know these things before you actually visit them. Having a new baby? Go to Indian Names ( my dad’s website ) to figure out a baby name for your newborn! Be sure to also visit My India Expert ( my dad’s other website ) because it is pretty cool too. I have to give credit to my dad for helping me on stuff like teaching me how to create pages, links, put posts, and a lot more. I also want to thank admin. It would have been much harder without it. So go check out my other pages because those are pretty cool!

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  1. Linda Snowbarger

    I am very impressed with your website! I believe you’re my first student to build their own webpage. Sometime will you share how you did it with the other ARC students?

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Welcome to IndBoy

Thanks for visiting my website! Indboy is an informational website about India with all the things you want to know like many cultures and traditions in India, famous monuments,  Indian calendars. Just so you know, My India Expert, my dad’s website, is pretty cool to and has more stuff than mine so be sure to check …

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About the Author

Did you know that the author of Indboy, currently living in America, is only ten years old? Inspired by his uncle, who also created a website, he created this website which was given to him as a gift. This website was created on September 9, 2013 to honor India. His dad who also has a …

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